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Off-Page SEO

If you are looking to create a dominating presence online then you must keep reading!

In the never ending sea of sameness you must be taking all of the right steps to utterly rule the web in whatever product or service you are selling.

What do I mean by domination?

Not only will I just give you all of the steps there will be a killer bonus in the last paragraph that you don’t want to miss…

Hey, before you go jumping ahead bro-ski,  just just sip on this, you will thank me later, bro!

Serving up Million Dollar Off-Page SEO Bad-ass-ery!

If you have a business and your not on the internet then you better get your shit together and get your web presence build and build it right! (I’ll do it for you.)

So get your website set up and make sure your on-page SEO is up to par! You can learn more about on-page SEO here. If you miss on this the rest won’t matter much.

Link building is actually pretty simple- you need link from other websites! But not just any old site will do. Your gonna need some power, power that flows natural.

When it comes to creating that page one domination you are going to want links coming from all different sites: social media, other websites, local directories and blogs.

The best link is coming from a the home page of a website and the content is the same topic and the referred site. For an example if your website is about, “construction contractors” it would be best if the website is about construction or at least on that page. Did you see what I did there? lol

Off-page SEO

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A lot of beating on your keyboard and a few mouse pounds away… and wallah you have a brand new website up and running!

I would be willing to bet that you probably have little to no knowledge about building your virtual property for the www, do ya Bob?!?

…is this you?

Blogger is frustrated.jpg  Well maybe that is an exaggeration, but really times are changing with the rate of speed that technology is going, you must be up to date with it! Not to mention it is going to take some sort of edginess to breakthrough all of the noise getting others to share your content like weed in the mid 60’s.

So… What Does It Take To Create A Viral Edge?

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online marketingWhen it comes to the rate of important factors on being found online, on-page SEO ranks right up there at the top.

Just to make it clear there isn’t one single factor that will get you ranked it is a few things all put together that does the trick.


Don’t Over Do Your Keywords

It is true that you can do too much keyword stuffing, there is a saying that your key-words should make up 2-5% of your text throughout the website or post. We would recommend not paying any attention to percentages. Just write for the end reader.

When it comes down to it you just want the search engines to know what your about and by covering your topic thorough you won’t need to key-word stuffing. Natural organic content will always be best.

Killing Your Content

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