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5 Steps To Online Domination Using SEO

It’s almost 2018 and your trying to grow your business through the internet cause that’s where everyone is now hanging out doing a little window shopping through there screen!

…and you want to know how to put your stuff right in front of there search!

But you just don’t have the right quantity of ingredient to make it happen like you want of planned. At this point your peeking through a mud covered window.

So lets first get the mud off by calling this window cleaner in Pocatello. lol No, really if you live in that area they are the bees knees!

Now keep reading the 5 steps to online takeover!

Step One…

When you are starting off you will need to do keyword research. You can use Google Adwords, BrightLocal or any other keyword tool.

Here are examples of what to look for:

Lets say you are a window cleaner, here are examples of keywords that you will use:

  • Window Cleaner and w/city
  • Window cleaning and w/city
  • Window Cleaning near me
  • Window Washer
  • Window Restoration

After you get a nice list of keywords you can move on to…

Step Two…

This is where you optimize your website by creating pages for each of you keywords. You want to write 300+ words on the page about each keywords. I would recommend that you only use each word about 1 time for every 100 words on page. Now that your site is all set up and telling the world what your about you need to have others telling Google what your about.

Step Three…

If you haven’t set up your Google Location then this is the time to get that done. Make sure to fully set it up, if it says 15 photos put 15 photos. Don’t just do the minimum. You will need to get it verified and it will take up to 2 weeks for that process.

When you hit the verify my business you will want to copy and email your address to yourself just as it is within Google, you may need it later went you start doing you citations.

If you have your Google Location all set up then you can get the citations rolling. You can do them yourself or you can hire someone to do them for you. It is very important to make sure that the Name, address and phone number is the same as Google when you get your citations completed.

Step Four…

This is a great place to start getting some back-links that you can customize the text that is hyperlinked back to your site. You will refer back to you list of keywords that you have made.

You will create small posts about 300+ words (vary them) on web 2.0 sites. You can do up to 5 of these per day for best results or pay someone on up-work to do them for you.

These sites are free and it will create a buzz around you business letting Google know that you are the best business to handle those window cleaning jobs in your area.

Here are a few that you can use:

  • Weebly.com
  • wordpress.com
  • Wixit.com
  • scoop.it
  • soup.io

There are 100+ web 2.0 sites out there and once you have used all that you can fine just start creating new accounts on the same ones.

Step Five…

Depending on your niche you may need some extra power to your site and this is the place to get that done! There are many ways to get some high power (high authority) links. This will transfer power to your site. You want to make sure, if you are paying for these link or spending your time getting them, that they are do-follow links.

You will have some links that are no-follow but don’t worry that is normal, but not when it comes to these high power links, the no-follow links will usually be from some of your citations.


If you dominate on all five steps this will give you a better chance of dominating your niche. When it comes to online domination it is a science not math, there is no absolute sum. If you find yourself not getting the results that you expect then make small adjustments until you get there…

…but whatever you do never give up!

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