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Creating The ‘Viral’ Effect & Chocolate Chip Cookies

A lot of beating on your keyboard and a few mouse pounds away… and wallah you have a brand new website up and running!

I would be willing to bet that you probably have little to no knowledge about building your virtual property for the www, do ya Bob?!?

…is this you?

Blogger is frustrated.jpg  Well maybe that is an exaggeration, but really times are changing with the rate of speed that technology is going, you must be up to date with it! Not to mention it is going to take some sort of edginess to breakthrough all of the noise getting others to share your content like weed in the mid 60’s.

So… What Does It Take To Create A Viral Edge?

We just like making delicious chocolate chip cookies, you must include the right amount of specific ingredients, with the right amount of baking time.

What’s the right ingredients?

Chocolate ChipYou must start with the right website layout. (aka your theme) The best theme that we have found to be right for the viral effect is: ViralPro and you can pick it up over at: Realgoodthem.com for $59 buck-a-roos.

So Justin… What kinds of things do I write about, bro?

This is the part of the ingredients that you will need to come up with, but it shouldn’t be to hard. I mean all you need to do is look around the web and what people are sharing on social media.

I will give you a starting point- remember people are really really busy, so it needs to have a quick jab jab and a punch. Something that starts with a catchy headline and photo that makes most peeps wanting to know what’s on the other side like a kid wanting those cookies I spoke about earlier.

I just want to prepare you that the first few batches of cookies you make may not come out the way to really want them and this is where practice makes you better. Keep on keeping on until you hit that viral speed.

Now that I have given you a short story of how to make a viral website, I ask:

Why Do You Want A Viral Website?

I can think of 2 reasons:

  1. Just for the fun of it.
  2. To make money.

I hope you pick option #2!?!

There are many ways the you can turn this viral site into a powerhouse for making you more money.

I will give you 2 ways that you can monetize your viral spot.

How Do I Make Money From A Viral Website?



Turing you viral website into a cash cow can be a chore to complete and it is all about building up viewers. That is the name of the game traffic to your site, bottom line.

The best way to sell from your new attention grabbing graffiti goat… Is to incorporate a product into your message or even better just put adds on your site that will pay when they are clicked. You can make a pretty penny by doing either one!


If you really do it right and make your site into the top 10,000 of most traffic, you can rent links out to other peoples blogs or sites to help them rank better for the product or service that they are slanging by way of the internet.

Better yet…

Do Both!

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