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On-Page SEO For Your Website

online marketingWhen it comes to the rate of important factors on being found online, on-page SEO ranks right up there at the top.

Just to make it clear there isn’t one single factor that will get you ranked it is a few things all put together that does the trick.


Don’t Over Do Your Keywords

It is true that you can do too much keyword stuffing, there is a saying that your key-words should make up 2-5% of your text throughout the website or post. We would recommend not paying any attention to percentages. Just write for the end reader.

When it comes down to it you just want the search engines to know what your about and by covering your topic thorough you won’t need to key-word stuffing. Natural organic content will always be best.

Killing Your Content

We know that it can be tough sometimes to think about what to right so here are a few good ways to be able to get words on the page…

  • Use a numbered list like: 5 reasons to buy my product.
  • How to’s are a great thing to write about: How to use my product.
  • Make sure you know all about the topic your writing about.
  • This of a list of keywords then cover each in great detail.

Killing your verbs. This is were you can add your unique personality. Instead of saying: “How to use my product”, like I did above. You could say: “How to use my badass product”! See the difference? You don’t need to use ‘badass’, the point is to make your words stand out from everyone else.

You Need To Be Loud

We live in a world filled with a hell of a lot of noise, so to be heard you must being doing something different than the mainstream. I would be willing to bet that most of you here right now soaking in my words would know who Eminem is right!

Hey this has nothing to do with you liking him or not I’m about to make a killer point…

…You know him because he was different from everything else you were hearing. He was talking about some off the wall shit that got your attention and you must do the same with your writing.

Ok, you don’t need to talk about anything that he did just be different then your competition.

I know it’s work, let us do it for you!

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