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What is SEO?

SEO also know as Search Engine Optimization and in a nutshell it is creating great content that others are compelled to share. When you content is shared it creates links to your website from other websites.

Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines see the links as ‘votes’ and in this ever changing internet world we surf in everyday, those votes help your website rank in the search higher up then it would with out then for specific key word that you have put in your content which you can learn more about that here on my on-page-seo tips.

These ‘votes’ are also known as ‘backlinks’, but you don’t want just any back-links, you want good high power ones from active websites. You may have seen other SEO guys out there telling how to get links by doing some of the following: guest posts, blog comments, and links from other 2.0 websites. They never seem to show you how to get them.

How To Dominate The Internet By Using SEO

SEO optimization. 3D illustration. Isolated on a white background

When it comes to the ‘www’ and your business, it could be a bust or a avalanche of money coming in from your online presents. It’s not necessarily the number of backlinks you have, it really comes down to the quality and power of the link.

Some call this link juice, what are your websites drinking? I hope it’s the good stuff!!

What’s Your Reason For Domination By SEO?

Most people are trying to make the dollar bills are you? Do you have a local business, you in a mlm, or are you just wanting to get some info out on the web? No matter what your looking for we can help, just shoot us an email over on our contact page.

If you want more in depth information see our off-page seo page. We go into much greater overview of how to put your link building skills to work.

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Justin 😉

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