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What We Are About

If you own a business in the 21st century then your must have an online marketing system built to generate more business no matter what industry your playing in.

The Online Marketing System

The ultimate goal with creating an on-line marketing system for your business is to put your product or service right in front of your best potential buyer. As an example if you are selling tires for cars and trucks, then when someone looking to buy new tires searches the internet for “truck tires”, then your tire shop must be front and center at the top of the search engine results.

Google Search

truck tireThis is an example of what it looks like to Google search for truck tires in Denver.

The goal is to position your business for many of your buyer terms that someone may search for. When you create a big virtual web the more buyers you will attract to your product or services.

Paid Ads

truck tires 1After you hit the “search or return button”, the results will pop up on the screen and as you start to scroll down the first results will be the paid ads at the top of the page. These paid ads can be good to use for some businesses, but can be a money pit for others.

If you do consider dabbling with a little advertisement campaign I suggest that you find what your ROI (return on investment) is really quick so your not throwing profits down the drain. If you find that when you spend $100 to make $200 that would be a 100% return and I wouldn’t stop. The bottom line would be right around 20% return, anything less I would stop asap!

Google Local Listings (map)

truck tires 2As you scroll down a bit further you will most likely see the google locale maps staring you in the face. This is money if you position yourself in one of the top 3 positions. There are no magic buttons to push to get listed in the top 3 but, there are some actions you can take to up you chances of landing a top 3 spot on the local listings map.

The local listing is created in the google for business area; search: “google my business”, and it should be the first site that pops up. Then your going to ‘click’ the: get on google button. From here is should be pretty simple to follow. not need to pay for it, just do the ‘free’ listing.

We recommend just a few must do’s. Fill out every area as much as you can, write at least 1000 words in the description area and if you can put 20 photos then do the max. Make sure it is 100% complete before you get verified and submit.

Google Organic Search Results

truck tire 3When you scroll just a bit further you will run into the organic search results. In the area you will find web-sites. The goal is for your website to come up in the top 3 positions of this area. Obviously you want to be in the number 1 spot for many different key word searches and like I stated above, you want to build a huge web to capture many leads.

Positioning your website in the first spot will take some work on your part. There are 2 main things that need to be right for you to accomplish this ranking. On page and off page SEO.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is optimizing your information so that when someone searches for your topic you come up in the search results.

On-Page SEO- This is simply writing information about a product, service or about anything that you want other to find when they search for it. You want to be very thorough about what you are writing about. The more complete about the topic the better.

Just think about wikipedia’s website, they write about almost every topic that you and I could think of and they do an amazing job on each page they make. They cover all of the ins and outs on every single page. You want to be just like them with the info of your business!

Off-Page SEO- This is by far the most important to getting your website to land on one of the money spots and the key is getting votes from other websites to yours. The concept is very simple but as you will see it won’t be the easiest work that you ever did.


When you think about off-page SEO, you want other websites to give you referrals. Just like you or I give someone a referral to a great restaurant, movie or dentist, your web-site is going to need some shout outs. The key is to get relevant to topic and good quality shouts. Spammy or low quality referrals may actually hurt your rankings, so make sure you are on the up and up when it comes to choosing others to features you on their site.

The Online Marketing System Rap-Up

The key is to build a huge net to catch as may fish (buyers) as you can. Make sure you take the time and do it right the first time. I know there are many automated tools out on the market that claim to get you ranked on the 1st page or auto content writers to save you time writing content. The best way to go about your online marketing system is to roll up you sleeves, learn how to do the work on your own or higher someone like me to take care of all the dirty work for you.